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About Koleso

           Koleso is Russian for 'the wheel'. The wheel has been a symbol of the Sun since ancient times, and just as the Sun, so St Petersburg group Koleso shine on stage, warming the audience with their talent and energy. Under the guidance of the inspiring Elena Maslova, this young and exciting group captivate any audience with their beautiful, lively folk songs, their jokes and their funny games, which include dragging men on stage to join them in a saucy dance!
       One moment they will touch your heart with a poignant ballad; the next they will make you laugh and stamp your feet with their infectious gaiety.      

           Luckily the Russian tradition is alive and well and there are now many wonderful folk groups, but Koleso are something special - not just highly accomplished musicians but performers with a unique ability to enchant and delight their audiences. See Koleso and you will be enthralled by Russian folk songs that can sound as ancient as the hills or as fresh and contemporary as any pop song.



 Vyun na vode   


Oi bel zayushka 

  Na gryanoy nedele          Karagod
  Shugi lugi   Bober
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About Koleso